Monday, March 23, 2015

Oh Canada, Ted Cruz Announces Presidency Bid

I'm not a nut for conspiracy theories, but I am an a nut for facts. The whole conversation around Barack Obama and his suppose it Ugandan birth certificate is a sad pursuit about journalism at best and mental disability at worst. For some reason Republicans don't care that the latest high-profile nominee for the next presidential run is none other than Canadian Ted Cruz. Ted was born in Alberta, that's in Canada. Although Alberta might sound like America it certainly is not. I might be a lot of oil there and a lot of money, but it's not America.

Even though we were else to citizenship the realities still remains, this man most definitely was not born in America. Obama was. Will white Republicans care? Probably not. This is more of race than it is about principles. Republicans will turn a blind eye to Ted Cruz's Canadian birth because Canada is a western nation. Uganda? That's a bit too African to stomach.

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