Thursday, June 12, 2014

Calm Before election storm

For a change, perhaps because it's Summer, there's an unusual calm before the next election storm. What's particularly noticeable is the lack of Republican spew dominating the airwaves. Sure, Fox News is doing their normal sensational reporting on every seemingly irrelevant topic imaginable, but apart from that it's like everyone is going about their business. THe top news story if you're on the web for any amount of time is the FCC ramming through net neutrality laws. For some reasons Americans are complacent about letting big telecom tier internet service. Who will benefit? Big telecoms with more fees for their monoplized services. Who's supporting the bills/ All the Republicans who derive their support from the telecom industry. Shouldn't be OK but what can you do, other than vote. The soft 'two years' before the next election may elevate the actual issues. Healthcare, economy, etc. A nice change from the normal vitriol. Let's just hope Republicans can efficiently find their next in line and prevent a massive circus escapade. That would be nice too. Oh how Summer has made us forget the political mess that circulates the American landscape.....

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