Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wake up on Healthcare

Some obvious facts a) America spends more on guns and wars abroad than consumption for a growing lower class b) the demographics in America are shifting so that the largest segment of baby boomers are starting to retire and with old age comes skyrocketing healthcare needs. c) America has among the worst healthcare service for their own citizens in the developed world. Sure if you do'nt get sick for long or if your'e a multi millionaire you're fine. The average joe is screwed. That Washington Times articles continues to the stupidity behind Republican fear tactics around healthcare. So far the two primary arguments are a) it will cost more, b) it will take away your right to chose a doctor. Uh, I'd like to have a doctor over no doctor any day idiots. And yes, YES it will cost most in the short term and TENS of millions get healthcare coverage they never would under any other circumstances. So read the entire article, note that the plan doesn't sound so bad, and also do your part to educate your foolish friends that unless we change our ways soon we'll be further down the dumpster, and really sick as well.

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