Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Rule on Looking Like Me

Dear People Who Look Like Me: Will you please stop assuming that everyone who looks like you is an affluent, hetero, practicing Christian American? When I look at you, I work hard to not assume that you are: (a) A Christian - which is how I was raised, but I no longer carry the label (b) Heterosexual - as a fence rider, that would be pretty fucking ridiculous of me, wouldn't it? (c) Affluent or not affluent - looks can be terribly deceiving (d) An atheist or agnostic - like I am now (e) Smart - white does not equal smart (f) Stupid - though I do have a firm commitment to the 80/20 rule so....... Social interactions would be so much smoother if we'd all forget these assumptions. And, yes, it is possible to have social interaction without these assumptions. Pretend that we're all reasonably evolved humans and go from there. If someone isn't reasonably evolved, it will show pretty quickly. At that point just smile, pat the other person on their widdle noggin and walk away. Really, really fast.

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