Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street What?

I get it, the 99% rising up against the 1%. But it's more like the .005% occupying on behalf of the so-called 99% against the 1%. Yea, I know the problem, the wealthy are wealthy. But the fact is the bulk of the 99% would like to be wealthy too. Sure, we all say we'll live within our means, but once we get a taste for the almighty dollar we're stuck on wanting more and more. Let's be serious. OWS won't catch steam, it has no demands, no vision, no use. Well that's not true. THe best we can hope for is that it catalyzes all the middle and lower class bums who never vote or bother to learn how to upset the process in a real fashion that actually initiates change. Vote with your feet, vote, and vote with your dollars. Of course that won't happen. Low income people don't care about politics , they only care about getting their junk from Walmart. But things are changing, slowly. More unemployment and people on the streets will eventually tip. Not there yet, not by a long shot given the comfortable and apathetic nature of our country, but it'll tip.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ron Paul and Military

I'll say it. We don't need to have half our tax dollars go to weaponry. We'd have to spend less if we weren't trying to take over the world. I get the fact Iraq wasn't just about oil, it was about all the billions in loans to rebuild the country. But do we really need to fatten the pockets of a dozen big hidden corporations? No. Time to pull out and reduce. Spending on military is incredible. The problem we're in now, we've pissed off so many people and have asuch a debt problem that we're stuck. Like an addict we can't stop but expand the military and invade countries for their resources. A bitter cycle that shows no chance of slowing down. After all, our desire for stuff--consumption--is outweighed by our willingness to have less.